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Friday, January 10, 2014

Fantasy Authors Discuss the Genre & Writing - VIDEO

About a year ago or so, author Patrick Rothfuss used to host a monthly online video forum through Geek & Sundry called The Story Board. He and other authors would discuss different content in fantasy fiction. I used to watch these as Rothfuss announced their release each month, and I really enjoyed them. Unfortunately, it only lasted up to 8 episodes; but I suggest, when you have some time, watching all the episodes on YouTube (if you’ve never watched them before). It’s quite interesting seeing some of the big names in fantasy fiction discussing the genre in an open, candid conversation.

Below are two episodes that I really enjoyed—one is about Characters and the other is about Form & Function. Each episode is well over an hour long, so you’ll need to make time to watch them. If you haven’t seen them before—enjoy!




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